Western Region


Barnafoss, also known as the Children's Falls, is a mesmerizing waterfall nestled in the scenic landscapes of Iceland's Western Region. This captivating natural wonder is part of the Hvítá River and is famed for its unique and intricate series of rapids and waterfalls.

One of the most striking features of Barnafoss is the series of narrow but intense rapids that weave through a rugged landscape of lava fields and moss-covered rocks. The water appears to carve its path through the ancient lava formations, creating a picturesque and dramatic scene. The name 'Barnafoss', which translates to 'Children's Falls', is tied to a local folklore that adds a mysterious charm to the location.

Located near the popular Hraunfossar waterfall and just a short drive from the historic Borgarfjörður area, Barnafoss is easily accessible and offers a wonderful addition to any itinerary exploring Iceland's Western Region. The region is also home to intriguing lava fields, hot springs, and quaint villages that provide plenty to see and do.

Visiting Barnafoss provides an opportunity to witness the fascinating interplay of water and lava rock, illustrating the dynamic geological forces that have shaped Iceland. The beauty and tranquility of the area, combined with the intriguing local legend, make Barnafoss an enchanting spot for photographers, nature enthusiasts, and those interested in Icelandic folklore.

Explore the enchanting Barnafoss and let its unique charm and fascinating history captivate your imagination.




Coordinates: 64.701837,-20.973573