Blue Lagoon


Southern Peninsula


Blue Lagoon is a world-famous geothermal spa situated in the heart of Iceland's Southern Peninsula. Renowned for its striking milky-blue waters and surreal lava fields, Blue Lagoon is an extraordinary retreat for relaxation and wellness. The lagoon’s warm, mineral-rich waters, averaging 37-39°C, are sourced from the nearby Svartsengi geothermal power plant, creating a unique, rejuvenating experience that draws visitors from across the globe.

Among the key features that set Blue Lagoon apart are its therapeutic properties. The water is rich in silica, algae, and minerals, which are known for their skincare benefits. The lagoon also offers a variety of spa services, including in-water massages and skincare treatments, making it an idyllic sanctuary for both body and mind.

Located conveniently just 50 kilometers from Reykjavík and 20 kilometers from Keflavík International Airport, visiting Blue Lagoon is a seamless addition to any Icelandic itinerary. Nearby attractions include the dramatic Reykjanes Peninsula landscapes and the charming town of Grindavík, offering additional exploration opportunities.

Visiting Blue Lagoon is an unparalleled experience for those seeking relaxation and natural beauty. The combination of its stunning blue waters, therapeutic properties, and serene atmosphere creates a magical retreat that is well worth the visit. Whether you're looking to unwind after your international flight or spend a day immersing yourself in Icelandic nature, Blue Lagoon promises an unforgettable experience.

Indulge in the enchanting warmth of Blue Lagoon and let its soothing waters and breathtaking surroundings leave you rejuvenated.

Blue Lagoon



Coordinates: 63.880004,-22.449201