Dynkur (Búðarhálsfoss)



Dynkur, also known as Búðarhálsfoss, is a magnificent waterfall situated in the Southern Region of Iceland. Renowned for its cascading tiers of frothy white water, Dynkur drops dramatically over 30 meters into a vibrant pool below. The waterfall is fed by the Þjórsá River, Iceland’s longest river, which originates from the mighty Hofsjökull glacier, imbuing the falls with an awe-inspiring flow and majesty.

One of the unique features of Dynkur is its multi-tiered structure, which creates an intricate and mesmerizing water display. The powerful and consistent flow makes it a visual spectacle, especially during the summer months when the surrounding flora is vibrant and green.

Located in the scenic highlands, Dynkur can be accessed via the F26 Sprengisandur route, a mountain road that offers breathtaking views of the highland landscape. Nearby, adventure seekers can explore the Þjórsárdalur valley, home to stunning landscapes, historical sites, and multiple waterfalls, including Háifoss and Hjálparfoss.

Visiting Dynkur is a must for anyone looking to experience Iceland’s untamed natural splendor. The combination of its powerful flow, striking multi-tiered structure, and breathtaking surroundings makes Dynkur a captivating destination. Whether you're photographing the dramatic cascades, enjoying a peaceful hike through the highlands, or simply soaking in the raw beauty of the Icelandic wilderness, Dynkur will leave you spellbound.

Witness the enchanting allure of Dynkur and let its natural splendor captivate your senses.


Coordinates: 64.337652,-19.196909